600.1D NANO 1OHM , ,

Frequency Response5Hz – 20kHz

Low Pass Crossover- 80 Hz fixed

High Pass Crossover- 80Hz fixed

Damping Factor- 400

Amplifiers Options- 1 Ohm | 2 Ohm

Power 1 Ω Version @ 1 Ω, 14,4v- 700w

Power 2 Ohm Version @ 2 Ohm, 14,4v- 700w

Power 1 Ω Version @ 1 Ω, 12,6v- 600w

Power 2 Ω Version @ 2 Ω, 12,6v- 600w

Number Of Channels- 1 ChannelPower

(Per Channel)- 700w


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Small and with a lot of power, the Nano-Line of SounDigital.
As big as 2 packs of cigarettes, this amplifier is not only suitable for a subwoofer, also because of its full-range function, ideal for midranges or normal speaker systems.
No place? That’s a joke with the SD Nano-Line.